Emergency Email Coaching

July 2020 Update: Due to a massive increase in demand, I’ve had to raise the price of my emergency email coaching from $99 to $299 because it’s been impossible for me to keep up with the response times.

I’m hoping this reduces demand for now, but if it doesn’t, I may have to raise the prices again, at least until I can find a better solution.

This is for (3) emails from me in response to up to (3) emails of yours.

Each of your emails must be under 1,500 words, or it will be rejected and sent back to you for revision, that way I don’t have to get Lasik 5 years from now to deal with all the eyestrain.

Sound fair?

In return, I can help you with:

  • Getting her back, or getting over her for good. (Most common)
  • Understanding how you should respond to something she’s done.
  • Understanding why you feel the way you do.
  • Dating higher quality women with less effort.
  • Structuring your newly single life so you can work fewer hours and get more done.
  • Applying business and entrepreneurial principles to dating and relationships for greater success.
  • Tailoring the advice I give here to your specific situation.
  • And a ton of other stuff. Seriously, just ask. If I can’t help, I won’t take your money.

This is just a small sample, so feel free to ask whatever questions you have.

Once you’ve paid, and you’re ready to work with me, please download the instructions here.

Once I’ve received your email, please give me up to 48 hours to respond (including weekends).

I’m looking forward to working with you!

To begin booking your session: