Your Freedom Plan – Feel Like Yourself Again in 60 Days

If you’re here, it’s because we’ve both determined that you are a good fit for my Freedom Plan program. Now, we just need to get you signed up to get everything started.

When you sign up for the Freedom Plan today, here’s what you’ll be getting:

7 Hours+ of 1-on-1 Coaching & My Core Frameworks

  1. 8x 50-minute phone coaching sessions with me, Coach Jack where we will take a deep dive into your former relationship so you can completely and coherently process what happened and begin to move on. ($1297 value)
  2. Daily text check-in and support from me for the duration of the program ($997 value)
  3. Unlimited text and email coaching access to me for the duration of the program. ($997 value)
  4. Freedom Plan Framework: A 60 personalized plan of action that will help you physically, emotionally, and spiritually separate yourself from your ex-girlfriend to provide a healthy base for moving forward ($197 value)
  5. The Thought Control Framework: Learn to take control of your thoughts again and interrupt toxic thinking patterns, pedestalization, oneitis, memories, fantasies, and other forms of rumination.  ($197 value)
  6. The Masculine Center Framework: Rediscover your drive and find the meaning in your life again by taking a deep dive into who you really are, and what you value. ($97 value)

Plus, All Of My Best Reviewed Recovery Resources:

  1. No-Contact “Gamification” Blueprint: Turn not contacting her into a fun and challenging game instead of an agonizing slog where you constantly count the days ($47 value)
  2. Breakup Troubleshooting Checklist: How to easily recover when you make mistakes, go off program, or just have a bad day. A great resource to reset yourself so you can get back to work. ($27 value)
  3. The Outcome Independence Framework – The single most powerful skill you will ever learn: to stop giving a shit. This science-backed framework will take you from easily bothered and irritable to vast reserves of calm and collectedness even in life’s stressful moments. ($197 value)
  4. The Touch Framework – How to fill your life with the vital non-sexual touch (it’s critical for mental, emotional, and physical health) that you need to fight depression, anxiety, and loneliness ($47 value)
  5. The “Never Fall Off” Accountability System works without your permission, to get you to show up even on the days when you are crushed under the weight of darkness and doubt ($97 value)
  6. The Brain Fog Buster: A simple framework you can apply in about 15 minutes to instantly access reserves of clarity and focus – for work, school, or just being present in the moment. ($47 value)
  7. Automatic Sleep System: Fall asleep the second your head hits the pillow & stay asleep throughout the night ($47 value)
  8. You Don’t Need Her Back eBook: Called a “needed slap in the face” by one of my former clients, this eBook will be your constant companion for moments of weakness where you start to ask yourself “Was this breakup really the right choice?”. Be prepared to get a much-needed reality check. ($27 value)
  9. The Breakthrough Cases: Hear the real success stories from 6 of my past clients who used to believe they’d never feel better, or never love anyone the same way as their ex. An eye-opening look into heartbreak, resilience, and triumph that will leave you feeling inspired. ($27 value)
  10. Understanding Why eBook: This evidence-backed eBook takes a deep dive into why your relationship may have ended, how she “moved on” so quickly, and what she’s thinking about right now. A must-have reference guide for any man looking to better understand his breakup so he can do better in the future. ($27 value)
  11. Lovestuck eBook: Take a deep dive into the science behind love and attachment and learn why your brain is suddenly so full of anxiety, worry, and obsession over a woman you were on the fence about only months earlier. ($27 value)
  12. It Takes Time Mini-Course: How to find peace and happiness in the small moments to increase your day-to-day level of life satisfaction and gratitude ($47 value)
  13. The Getting Back Out There System will show you when you’re ready to date again (hint, it’s probably sooner than you think) and how to date and have low-drama relationships with women you actually like spending time with ($197 value)
  14. The Housing Refresh: Does your home feel suddenly empty without her? Do you see reminders of her everywhere you look? This eBook will dive into how and why it’s time for you to change your environment so you can recover faster ($27 value)

If you bought each of these on their own (which is impossible, because I don’t offer most of these publically) you’d pay $4,670 dollars.

But today, you’ll get all of this for only $997 dollars – an over 70% savings!

And better yet, this program is backed up by an even more unbelievable guarantee.

If You Don’t Feel Measurably Better* By The End Of This 60 Program, I’ll Give You Every Last Cent

The Freedom Plan is a 60-day program that is designed to measurably increase your overall levels of functioning, happiness, and fulfillment as measured by the Penn State Authentic Happiness Inventory*. 

When you first sign up, you will complete an evidence-backed happiness assessment created by the researchers at Penn State University. This assessment will give you a “happiness score” on a 5-point scale.

Once the program is over, I will have you take the assessment again. If this program does not increase your overall happiness by at least 30% over these next 8 weeks, I’ll give you a no-questions-asked refund even though you’ve completed everything in the program.

There is 0 risk to you by joining this program – but the only way you’re going to know if it will work is to join in.

Sound like a good deal to you? If so…

Step 1: Make Your Payment Of $997

Payment is complete when the text “Payment received, please check your email” displays.

If you would like to pay in two installments of $499, or via cryptocurrency please contact me at [email protected] to make alternate arrangements.

Step 2: You’ll Recieve An Email From Me With 2 Assessments + Next Steps In 5 Minutes

Once you sign up, check your email. You will automatically receive 2 assessments, plus follow-up questions for you to complete. These assessments are designed to help me better understand your needs so I can tailor the material in this coaching program to you.

The email will also contain instructions to schedule your introductory session after you’ve completed the assessments.