Breakup Hangover: A period of a few days to a few weeks where it hasn’t sunk in that your relationship is over. Normally, the reduction in stress contributes to an immediate feeling of well-being, until you begin to miss your ex.

Breakup Logistics: Outstanding commitments related to logistics. Can include shared living situations, commitments (like children or pets), possessions, work-related factors, and others.

Campaign: A period of time where you completely focus 100% of your effort on achieving one short-term goal.

Checking-In: When your ex-girlfriend “reaches out” to see how you’re doing. What your ex is actually doing is a covert scan to see if you’re still single so she can either attempt to come back into your life, or so she can use you as a backup plan if her current endeavors don’t work out.

Close Rate: The percentage of women you successfully take from meetup to sex.

De-Facto Girlfriend: When you allow a woman you’re dating casually to gradually consume more of your time and energy, to the point where she’s the same as a girlfriend.

Flake Rate: The percentage of women who’ll make a date with you, but won’t show up.

Incel: Men unable to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one.

Limiting Belief: A chronic, and untrue opinion you hold about themselves or about society that holds them back from emotional fulfillment, life success, and overall happiness.

Manosphere: A broad term that defines a collection of blogs, forums, and other websites which (formerly) advocated a positive, pro-male view of the world and male self-improvement. The majority of Manosphere literature (formerly) revolved around meeting women, while notable smaller subsets involve philosophy, fitness, and lifestyle.

MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way): A subset of the manosphere that advocates avoiding serious relationships with women due to societal factors and focusing primarily on self-development.

NRE (New Relationship Energy): Also known as the honeymoon stage, this is the deep infatuation you feel when you’re dating a new woman. This infatuation can cause you to overlook major red flags in your new partner.  It can last anywhere from a few months to a few years and decreases as you gradually get to know the faults and imperfections of your partner.

Oneitis: The persistent, erroneous belief that one woman is more special than the others. Examples include: “she’s the only one for me!” or “I’ll never get someone better”. Usually leads to needy behavior.

Post-Breakup Fireworks (PBF): Emotionally charged exchanges that take place after a breakup, usually by phone, social media, or email. Can be accusatory in nature, but more often is a two-sided display of sadness.

Championship Rotation (rotation): The women you are dating in a non-monogamous context.

Scarcity Mindset: The fearful state you find yourself in when you don’t have an abundance of options. As it relates to dating, this is when you don’t have options in women, or the skills to quickly acquire new ones after a breakup.

Starter: Women you’re dating whom you like, or maybe even love, but never promise sexual monogamy to. You can see her up to two times a week, but no more. You can have starters you like more than others. This is the highest level a woman who cheated on you in an exclusive relationship should ever get.

Vulnerable State: A period of time immediately after your breakup ends. Usually lasts for between 2-6 weeks depending on how serious the breakup was. During this time your emotions will be at their most turbulent. It’s important to practice No-Contact and focus on the fundamental factors for recovery in this state to avoid regressing into negative habits.