It’s Time For You To Take Control Of Your Life Again

Hey man, welcome to Men’s Breakup. If you’ve been dumped, or are trying to get your ex-girlfriend back, you’ve come to the right place.

Men’s Breakup was founded in 2016 after I went through a traumatic breakup that completely changed how I look at the world.

Relationships are what make life worth it. When they end, it fucking sucks. So I went in search of advice…and the majority of it was terrible!

I was incredibly disappointed when the majority of breakup advice for men revolved around two incredibly harmful myths:

  1. “Give it time, because time heals all wounds”
  2. “If you want your ex back, do 30 days of no contact and then start reaching out to her”

I was sick of seeing all of these scummy ex-girlfriend recovery websites and other “dating experts” that didn’t get it. I was sick of unsubstantiated claims, and advice about women that I knew was completely fucking wrong.

So, I went out and spent over 5 years researching, dating, and helping hundreds of men get over their breakup to figure out what really works. The core frameworks I teach have been researched, developed, and tested over the last 5+ years by thousands of men just like you.

They are a combination of evidence-backed, peer-reviewed research, thousands of hours of observation, and rigorous testing over several years. And they fucking work.

So if you’re suffering because you just got dumped, or you’re looking to get your ex-girlfriend back, I can help you. If you follow what I teach, you will either get your ex-girlfriend back, or you will be able to move on and build a life of long-term, masculine happiness.

That is my promise to you.

But let’s be honest, you don’t give a shit about my backstory. You are here because you need answers. I get that. So here’s what you need to do so I can help you.

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Step 2: If You Need Personalized Advice, Don’t Wait

If you have an urgent question or need specific advice on your personal situation, it’s better not to wait to get help. Generally speaking, the sooner you can get personalized help from me, the better. If I can help you avoid mistakes, you’ll stand a much better chance of getting your ex-girlfriend back, or you’ll be able to move on faster.

If you’re interested, the link to my incredibly well-recieved email coaching program is below. Check it out before I have to take it off the website again.

Step 3: Start Reading My Materials

I recommend you start here to learn:

  1. How Long Does It Take To Get Over A Breakup?
  2. Why Do Breakups Hit Guys Later Than Women?

After you’ve read these two articles, move on to the rest below.

0: Before The Breakup

You can skip ahead to section 1 if your breakup has already happened. Still, it could be helpful in case it happens again.

  1. The 10 Signs Your Relationship Is Over
  2. How To Handle Being Dumped Like A Man
  3. How Does A Superior Man Handle A Breakup?
  4. The 6 Different Types Of Breakups And How They Affect Your Chances Of Getting Her Back

1: The Fantasy Of Your Ex

Before we go any further, you need to understand that there are millions of women that are better than your ex-girlfriend. Read these 4 articles and screw your head on straight before we get to the fun stuff. It’ll make what comes next easier.

  1. Your Ex-Girlfriend Is NOT Special.
  2. How To Take Control Of Your Life And Stop Imagining Your Ex With Someone Else
  3. How To Stop Fantasizing About Your Ex For Good
  4. Why She Moved On So Fast

2: The No-Contact Rule

By now you’ve probably heard a thing or two about this. Maybe you’ve heard it called the 30/60/90 day no-contact rule. Unfortunately, that’s not the correct way to use no-contact. No contact is the most powerful tool in your arsenal to get over a breakup or to get your ex-girlfriend back. You need to know how to use it correctly.

  1. The Complete Guide To The No-Contact Rule
  2. Why You Need To Ignore Her After A Breakup
  3. During No-Contact, Avoid Social Media To Get Over Your Breakup Faster
  4. Why Ignoring An Ex-Girlfriend Who Dumped You Is The Only Way To Get Her Back
  5. The No Contact Rule-Finding Your Masculine Center
  6. 8 Ways To Work On Yourself During No-Contact

3: Building A New You To Get Over Her (Or To Get Her Back)

Once you’re in no contact, you’ve got plenty of time on your hands. The key to no-contact is to stay busy. By working on yourself, you’ll feel less anxious about the breakup and you’ll also be better positioned to re-attract her when she reaches out again. This is a critical step that most guys miss, and I talk about all the time here.

  1. Why You Should Be Lifting Weights (Get Your Ass In The Gym)
  2. Don’t Use Booze As A Crutch (Stop Drinking)
  3. Use NoFap To Supercharge Your Recovery
  4. The Ultimate Post-Breakup Routine (That Will Make You Feel Like A Boss)
  5. Journaling After A Breakup Will Make You A Better Man
  6. How To Rebuild Rock-Solid Confidence
  7. The Things You SHOULDN’T Do If You Want To Get Better

4: Dating New Women

Once you’ve had some time off, you’ll want to start dating new women even if you want to get your ex-girlfriend back. Dating new women will improve your confidence and your relationship skills so you have a better shot with your ex-girlfriend. Plus, it will absolutely destroy your oneitis.

  1. The Complete Guide To Dating After A Breakup
  2. Relationship Management Re-Imagined (Ever Wanted To Date More Than 1 Woman At A Time?)
  3. Why Online Dating Is Your Best Friend
  4. Outcome Independence In Dating: Be Different With Indifference (This is a MUST read)
  5. Let Her React To You
  6. Why Is My Ex-Girlfriend Jealous Of Me Dating Again?

5: Understanding Your Ex-Girlfriend

Honestly, if you’re focused on improving yourself and dating other women, you won’t be thinking about why your ex-girlfriend did what she did. That said, I know some of you fuckers are curious about what she’s thinking, so I won’t begrudge you that.

  1. Why She Wants To Friendzone You (And Why You Should Say NO Every Time)
  2. Why Is She Acting Different All Of A Sudden?
  3. What To Do If Your Ex-Girlfriend Asks For Help
  4. When She “Wants To Get Back Together In The Future”
  5. Why Did She Follow Me On Instagram?
  6. When Your Ex-Girlfriend Won’t Give Your Stuff Back

6: Getting Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

Personally, I’m not a fan of reheating leftovers. If you guys broke up, there was a reason for it. I’m in the camp that you should keep walking and never look back because there are millions of great women out there waiting to meet you. But, if you want to get her back, these resources will help you.

  1. Your Ex-Girlfriend Agrees To Meet Up. Now What? (includes the blueprint for a great date)
  2. Why She Asks About How You’re Doing (And How To Respond)
  3. When Your Ex-Girlfriend Is Hanging Out With A New Guy, What Do You Do?
  4. When She Cheated And Wants You Back
  5. Why Is She Texting Me When She Has A Boyfriend?
  6. Ignore Her Texts. Do This Instead.
  7. Your Ex-Girlfriend Being Angry Is A Good Sign If She Does This
  8. 7 Signs She Wants You Back, But Is Scared (And What You Can Do)
  9. Don’t Chase Her. Let Her Go If You Want Her Back.